The Goal

To offer the farmers of the World, an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel powered irrigation equipment & help them to start replacing food poverty with achievable food sustainability through the re-direction of their income”  

Africa's fossil-fuel CO2 emissions are low compared against the “Super Powers” of the world.

 But total emissions for Africa have increased twelve-fold since 1950 reaching 311 million metric tons of carbon in 2008

In sub-Saharan Africa irrigation is not widespread covering only 7% of the total cultivated area of 183 million hectares. This is by far the lowest proportion of irrigation anywhere in the world.

We offer standard or bespoke solar powered equipment

Our aim is to assist farmers to produce more crops using less energy and water.

By harnessing the environmental energy & using it to our advantage with zero emissions. 

With the sun as the source of power and the use of intelligent water distribution, everyone will be able to maintain higher yields using less water and energy, thus helping farmers to escape food poverty

 Small-holder farmers typically use manual irrigation involving the whole family or fossil-fuel powered irrigation systems which are expensive to run & damaging to the environment. 

Subsistence farmers are particularly burdened by the intensive labour needs associated with irrigating crops. As global temperatures rise and rainfall becomes more unpredictable, more effort will be needed to ensure crops are adequately irrigated.

J.A.K Irrigation Services contribution to the challenges described above is to offer solar-powered equipment in combination with efficient irrigation systems. 

Electric Powered Truck

Battery Powered Utility Vehicle

400 litre tank

Spray Unit

Drip irrigation Kit

Drip Hose

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